HS3 Teacher Institute

This opportunity is currently closed

NASA is deploying two Global Hawk Unmanned Aircraft Systems to conduct the Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3) missions, an Earth science campaign from 2012-2014 to study how tropical storms form and develop into hurricanes. In alignment with NASA Education’s vision to advance high quality Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center Office of Education will collaborate with NASA Ames Research Center to increase educator’s core competency in delivering STEM content through interaction with NASA unique content, facilities, and personnel.

To this end, six local educators will be anchored in a community of scientific practice during a one-week workshop from August 6-10, 2012, at the AERO Institute® in Palmdale, CA. Experiences will include technical content instruction from HS3 scientists and engineers, and hands-on learning via an online tool to monitor near real-time the HS3 missions. Experiences will be translated into classroom practice through the development of a thematic STEM module that is in context with the HS3 campaign, and aligned to common core math, and next generation science standards.


To increase educator’s core competency in delivering STEM content through interactions with NASA unique content, facilities, and personnel, the Institute will focus on three education goals through a variety of interfaces (virtual , in-person, self-directed course):

  1. Engage in NASA’s unique, airborne research-based missions
  2. Increase core scientific and research knowledge base
  3. Develop NASA airborne research-based curriculum and student activities


  • Candidates must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Grades 4-9 formal or informal educators who specialize in science, technology, engineering or mathematics
  • Educators who serve underrepresented / underserved students are strongly encouraged to appy
  • Working knowledge of computer programming is highly desirable


  • Highly motivated, strong oral and written communicator
  • Proficient in computers and their application
  • Effective member in a dynamic team environment, and responsive to issues related to teaching underrepresented and underrepresented populations
  • Successful candidates should have a background in science or math education and interest in Flight, Earth/Space Science, Environmental Science and/or Technology


  • Participate in pre-Institute teleconference the week of July 30
  • Attend the 5-day Institute
  • Attend, in-person or via virtual link, up to 4 post-Institute team meeting
  • Provide evaluation and metric data
  • Implement post activity STEM action plan
  • Maintain good standing in the local education communiton
  • Serve as ambassador for NASA Education
  • Contribute to development of the nation’s future STEM workforce


This opportunity is currently closed.


For additional information about the HS3 Teacher Institute, contact Shaun Smith, Dryden Education Flight Projects Manager, at [email protected]

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