K - 12 Grades

      EXCITE: EXpanding Children's Interest Through Experiential Learning

Project Overview:

The EXCITE Learning Project will target K-8th students in expanded learning programs to increase ongoing NASA STEM informal education opportunities for organizations that serve primarily underrepresented and underserved student populations. The AERO Institute will leverage existing collaborations to build capacity of participating organizations in NASA inspired STEM activities (http://www.aeronautics.nasa.gov/mib.htm).  For a sample activity, click here.

In addition, the EXCITE Learning Project plans  to work with libraries to broaden the scope and impact of NASA’s Education materials and opportunities within underrepresented and underserved local communities. 

AERO Education specialists will train educators and librarians using the Train-the-Trainer approach. The training sessions will be filmed and made available online via the AERO website and its network on YouTube so that educators and librarians can refresh their understanding as needed.

For more information, or to participate in this opportunity, please contact Sondra Geddes at 661-276-2359 or email: [email protected].


Airborne Research Experience for Educators and Students (AREES)

For Grades K-12 Formal Educators or Informal Educators

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The NASA Airborne Research Experience for Educators and Students program is recruiting educators of students in grades K-12 Formal or Informal Educators to participate in a 5-day research-based program in Palmdale, California. The dynamic training program provides research-based experiences for educators using NASA’s unique flight platforms. Participants will engage as science practitioners by becoming involved in a NASA earth science mission.

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Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3) Teacher Institute

For Grades 4-9 Formal or Informal Educators

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NASA is deploying two Global Hawk unmanned aircraft systems to conduct the Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3) missions, an Earth science campaign from 2012-2014 designed to study how tropical storms form and develop into hurricanes. The NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center Office of Education, in collaboration with the Earth Science Project Office at NASA Ames Research Center, is recruiting five grade 4 – 9 formal or informal educators of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to participate in a one-week HS3 Teacher Institute from August 6-10, 2012, at the AERO Institute® in Palmdale, California. Selectees will receive a $1,000 stipend following completion of project milestones. 

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Student Flight Mission Challenge -- Improving Earthquake Monitoring

For Grades 5-12 Educators and Students

NASA is studying earth science processes such as earthquakes through airborne science research platforms. Students in grades 7-9 can help NASA in this effort by joining the Student Flight Mission Challenge. Student teams create a multimedia presentation that suggests a site for a new science investigation. Interested educators can prepare for the challenge by enrolling in a self-directed course on earth system science...

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Robotics at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center

FIRST – For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Robotics is a program developed by private entrepreneur Dean Kamen.  NASA is a strong partner of FIRST.  At the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center three FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) High School Teams have been established; the teams exist at these high schools:  Lancaster, Antelope Valley, and Tehachapi... >> More


Bohn-Meyer Math & Science Odyssey Program

The Bohn-Meyer Math and Science Odyssey is a 1-day workshop for local eighth grade students, hosted by Antelope Valley College. The planning for this year’s program is lead by the AERO Institute® in coordination with the Math, Science, Engineering, and Technology (MSET) Consortium. This free event allows students to explore career opportunities in fields related to math and science by providing them with a unique opportunity to meet career role models in a variety of technical professions... >> More


Salute to Youth

The AERO Institute® in partnership with NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, participated in the 16th Annual Salute to Youth program at Palmdale Site 9. The Antelope Valley "Salute to Youth: the Career Connection" is a unique local event. For 16 years, this event has been sponsored by the business community, for about 2,300 high school junior students who explore career options and make contacts for senior projects. This event has earned a California School Boards Association Golden Bell award. Salute to Youth provides exposure to a variety of career fields in our local businesses. Volunteers from industry, government and community businesses attend to represent one of the eight designated career pathways. Individual vendors set-up exhibits, disseminated brochure information, conducted demonstrations, and displayed aircraft and vehicles. The AERO Institute® in partnership with NASA-Armstrong sponsored 10 buses, provided literature on education programs, provided F-16XL flight simulator rides, and a NASA Test Pilot and Flight Test Engineer flew in an F-18 and signed autographs... >> More